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  1. Sound In Space
  2. Misc Youtube Vids
  3. How do you combat Ignorance?
  4. New Scientist on Evolution misconceptions
  5. George Carlin on Religion
  6. Skeptic Zone Podcast
  7. Ring of Fire Monday January 26th 2009
  8. Pink iguana fills 9 million year evolutionary silence
  9. God's gay spy
  10. Darwin an anti-racist, new book
  11. hitchens vs turek debate
  12. iya2009 - ecu public lecture & night sky viewing
  13. Religious Bullies
  14. More young Aussies non-believers
  15. Make me a star
  16. Scarey data from uk poll
  17. A video for the believers
  18. Christianity...so easy, even a child can do it!
  19. Bill Hicks on christian fundamentalists
  20. Born believers: How your brain creates God - New Scientist Magazine
  21. We are becoming a new species - Homo Evolutis
  22. The credit crunch could be a boon for irrational belief
  23. Human rights and religious exceptionalism
  24. Science vs Faith
  25. Darwinism must die so that evolution can live
  26. Evolution Myths and Misconceptions
  27. Secular society versus Religious society
  28. First were the buses. Now atheists get a student society
  29. Christopher Hitchens takes on CTforum
  30. The Theory of Evolution - What a scientific theory actually means
  31. family guy promotes god delusion
  32. The Certainty Bias
  33. Billy Connolly on Catholicism
  34. Second Genesis: Life, but not as we know it
  35. 'Theory of mind' could help explain belief in God
  36. What came first? The Chicken or the Egg?
  37. Turkey's battles with Islamic creationists continue
  38. Wanna feel small?
  39. And the answer is 42
  40. The Origin of Life - Abiogenesis
  41. It's Easter and I'm thinking about Jesus
  42. We Use Only Ten Percent Of Our Brain - Myth Busted!
  43. Dr Paul Vitz Has Got You Sussed
  44. E-Merlin Super-Telescope Switched On
  45. Scientists discover a nearly Earth-sized planet
  46. Psychology of Fundamentalism
  47. Theories about the Universe series - Bubble Universe
  48. Catholic discredits science... as usual
  49. Scientists witness space's oldest event
  50. The Atheist Experience & Point of Enquiry
  51. Meteor Shower
  52. Is the Universe finite or infinite
  53. Penn Says - Love of truth and a little bullshit
  54. Science vs. Faith
  55. Lifes first spark recreated in the laboratory
  56. pre human missing link
  57. Skepticism - Sydney Talks To Melbourne - 30th May Melb Uni
  58. Question re: micro vs macro evolution
  59. Enceladus
  60. James "Camel Knees" Christ
  61. Reality, Solipsism and the Jonestown Massacre
  62. Reality & Solipsism Part 2
  63. Alan Turing
  64. Atheist nations are more peaceful...
  65. What if there's only one universe?
  66. “Dinosaur fossils? God put those there to test our faith."
  67. Aussie part of team to ratify the Hubble Constant
  68. Freedom as a form of high-functioning fascism
  69. senator fielding
  70. Let's support this bloke shall we
  71. Be careful not to corrupt the minds of children!
  72. Simon Singh Tour!
  73. Another one for the slaughterhouse - Hitchens vs Craig
  74. New Zealand : Evolution / Creationism Debate: djarm67 vs Dr Steve Kumar
  75. Simulating God
  76. Music
  77. A Christian Scientist from Adelaide
  78. world wide telescope
  79. 'Toy Universe' Could Solve Life's Origins
  80. Help Bring Skeptic Zone Show to Perth for UWA Atheist/Agnostics!
  81. Senator Sylvia Allen (Arizona USA) Talks Science
  82. Worlds oldest willy found
  83. Solar eclipse pits superstition against science
  84. Kirk Durston - Mathematical Creationist
  85. "Hitch" at the Opera House
  86. Antony Flew: I'm literally angry with rage (ascr. P J Fry)
  87. The Basketball Video
  88. Some things are impossible!
  89. New dinosaur uncovered in Brazil - oldest known
  90. C-14 and Other Dating Methods.
  91. Kinda scary...
  92. So thats how she did it....
  93. Parthenogenesis.
  94. Soliloquy on open-mindedness
  95. cyborg
  96. Reconciling Descartes and Plato
  97. OMG LOL
  98. How to prove God doesn't exist
  99. Misrepresenting Atheism
  100. Non-Overlapping Magisteria - Religion and Science have separate magisteria
  101. Cold Fusion
  102. Fascinating (if true)
  103. DNA Origami
  104. Ray Comfort banana - Ray Comfort swine influenza
  105. Homeopath jailed for manslaughter
  106. The Angry Evolutionist - Dawkins on Newsweek
  107. Carl Sagan - A Glorious Dawn
  108. The last nail in the coffin of religion
  109. The link between religion and nuttiness - it's real (as if we didn't know)
  110. The Lenski Affair - long but worth the read
  111. Carl Sagan, need I say more
  112. Question for a physicist
  113. The Indelible Stamp of our Lowly Origin
  114. This got my attention
  115. Charity care not tied to faith beliefs
  116. This melts my brain.
  117. Stupidity Presentation in Melbourne 28th Oct at 7.30pm
  118. If God were on trial - What would be the charges?
  119. We shall not know death
  120. Milky Way Panorama
  121. Psychology of denial
  122. Why (Almost All) Cosmologists are Atheists
  123. important medical research
  124. Simon Singh vs British Chiropractic
  125. Possibly the coolest thing ever.
  126. $32M worth of hocus bomb detectors - go Iraq!
  127. NEWSWEEK Discussion b/w Rick Warren and Sam Harris (2007)
  128. History Rewritten: How the Dead Sea Scrolls Really Got to Qumran
  129. Radiometric Dating
  130. What Darwin Didn't know...
  131. Repelling Chemicals Propulsion
  132. Dear God, please confirm what I already believe
  133. Book review: God's Undertaker - Has Science Buried God?
  134. Microcosm
  135. Onus of Proof
  136. The Big Bang
  137. A bit of humor
  138. God Is Green on Tonight (ABC 1, 10:50pm Tue 15/12/09)
  139. Human-like fossil find
  140. Negative correlation demonstrated between religious belief and societal health
  141. Noetics Science - Seems like nonsense to me
  142. Oh... Wow! Who Needs God?
  143. Porkie is in Parliament - Christians fiddle the facts for funding
  144. an atheist version of the soul - Memes
  145. Physics fact for the day!
  146. Book recommendation: Trick or Treatment
  147. Compulsory
  148. Statistics and Chances
  149. Paul Dirac?
  150. iTunes U
  151. Symphony of Science music videos
  152. The argument from consciousness for woo
  153. Craig Venter is on the verge of creating synthetic life
  154. When did "microevolution" appear?
  155. Daniel C. Dennett on religion
  156. Carl Sagan's COSMOS
  157. bible older than first thought
  158. Peer Review
  159. Transitions
  160. Scientists respond to ID with one of their best weapons..peer reviewed literature!
  161. Empathy
  162. Global warming.....again
  163. Religion could survive discovery of ET, survey suggests
  164. Mass drug overdose - none dead
  165. Liquid glass is about to revolutionise almost everything?
  166. yet more homeopathy debunking
  167. Reeling in a live one...
  168. creationists advertising on science sites?
  169. Christian anti-science & Human future
  170. ABC Environment - Science in public ain't pretty
  171. The Good News
  172. Study football team allegiance and apply it to religion...?
  173. Asteroid to blame for dinosaur extinction
  174. where do atheists come from?
  175. A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism
  176. Dimensions
  177. Creatures living in the Abyss
  178. Exploring the moon Europa
  179. immortal jellyfish that lives for ever. Tautology police: "Yes, indeed."
  180. New hope for Tassie Devils
  181. Aussie group to develop stitchless wound closure technique
  182. Animals and sixth sense
  183. Princeton University find that Corn Syrup = Obesity.
  184. Excellent TED Talk: Science can answer moral questions
  185. Is it SnakeOil?
  186. Skepticator - Searching skeptical content
  187. Morality - lies just behind your right ear in the right temporoparietal junction
  188. Always right?
  189. Frickin' Lasers
  190. Life after Death
  191. Our home is in a Black Hole?
  192. theories that aren't theories
  193. Putting the citizen into science
  194. Face of Satan in Eyjafjallajokull ?
  195. Individuals with Rare Disorder Have No Racial Biases
  196. Half animal half plant
  197. Brain Training
  198. Crikey.com.au article on Pope innocence
  199. Turtles!
  200. It's Magic!
  201. If not {insert name} then {insert alternate}
  202. Three legs
  203. How to build a time machine
  204. Are guidelines for this forum necessary?
  205. memetic of religion and atheism, memetic engineering of atheism
  206. Babies can tell good from evil
  207. Tell me your teleology
  208. Voyager Error
  209. All Species Evolved From Single Cell, Study Finds
  210. Language Improv
  211. Some scientific topics at my blog, and one big debate!
  212. Moral Judgements can be Altered
  213. Documentary heaven
  214. US team creates 'synthetic life'
  215. Peer Reviewing the Reptile: Abiogenesis
  216. Fiji's amazing 'growing' stone
  217. DevonianExtinctionLeadToModern JawedVertebrates
  218. A New Pterosaur (Pterodactyloidea: Azhdarchidae)
  219. Earth: The Pale Blue Dot
  220. $27.95 you can put to better use
  221. Strange occurrence
  223. Another strange occurrence !
  224. Creationists/theists and the discontinuous mind
  225. Dawkins and Singer
  226. Hawking - Science will win
  227. New Theory for life's first energy source
  228. Superstition works...
  229. ABC1 Catalyst 17/6/10 discusses Aust fossil discovery
  230. Global Warming
  231. Titan
  232. Dorothy Rowe and religion
  233. Unintelligent Design
  234. Luna Eclipse tonight
  235. It just keeps getting closer and closer....
  236. Book recommendations anyone? (String theory etc)
  237. Multicellular biscuits
  238. Planck: Amazing picture of the early universe from L2
  239. Oil
  240. very interesting research about misinformed believing lies
  241. New marine species found at 1400m
  242. The argument from machismo
  243. Conan the Bacterium
  244. Progressive Church denies SuperNatural
  245. Atheists More Intelligent
  246. Life
  247. How Many Universes Are Enough?
  248. Alleles?
  249. Thank God global warming is a hoax!
  250. Stop Creationism in Australian Schools